Why I love Wednesdays...

... it's hump day, and the word hump makes me giggle.

... it's the most interestingly spelled day of the week.

... there are two more requests in my inbox.

In a mad frenzy, possibly induced by sleep deprivation and watching too many back-to-back episodes of Big Love (my New Favorite Show at the moment), I totally revamped my query letter last night. I wasn't planning on it because the current version was working, but I couldn't get rid of the niggling feeling that something was still missing.  That the query letter still wasn't doing the book justice.

And so, in a blank, white, and totally daunting new Word document, I wrote.  And deleted and wrote and deleted and wrote and rewrote and revised until I finally had it.

And this new version, I love love love.

It's forty percent shorter than my last version, clocking in at 196 words (and that includes the author bio and contact info).  But it still says everything I want it to say.

To give you an idea of how short 196 words is, this post is exactly 196 words.

Hurray for flash fiction!  It's making me a better writer.