Powell's makes everything better

We're having one of those weekends where nothing is really going right, but a trip to Powell's City of Books in Portland, Oregon has made everything better.  There's nothing quite like getting lost in a maze of bookshelves that stack twelve feet high across four floors.

I didn't find everything I was looking for, but I came across books that I didn't have on my list, so it all evened out.  I found very good used copies of Alexandre Dumas' THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO, the first three ANNE OF GREEN GABLES books by Lucy Maud Montgomery, and a wonderfully illustrated version (full color, so the blood really pops!) of Edgar Allen Poe's THE TELL-TALE HEART.  I also got a cool illustrated hardcover of Jack London's CALL OF THE WILD and WHITE FANG, plus really old versions of a bunch of books I loved as a kid with the actual covers I remember from back then.  All told, I bought 16 books for $60.  No tax, because Oregon doesn't have sales tax.

Can't beat that, kids!  Support your indie bookstore!  What they can't give you in discounts, they make up for in everything else, right down to the smell of old paper.

(They should make air freshener that smells like old paper.  I'd put it in my office, for inspiration.)