Did I freak you out?

As you can see, this website is going through a few growing pains.  I was reading an article on an agent's blog today, and a niggling question I've had in the back of my mind for the past few months finally burrowed its way out:

Does my website convey the kind of
writer I am, or the kind of person I am?

Here's a snippet from the article, written by Ellery Adams:

Step 2: Create a website. It’s never too early to put your work out there for all to see.  For unpublished writers, I suggest a simple website in which the graphic design reflects the feel of your book.  If you write romance, your website should be romantic.  I don’t mean to sound overly simplistic, but I’ve seen dozens of author sites that send the wrong signals due to poor color choice and graphics.

I felt like this article was talking about me!  I've worked hard to make my website pretty and watercolory and girly and soft, which is definitely a reflection of me as a person... but it does not at all reflect my work.  Nothing about my work (in my biased opinion) is watercolory or girly or soft.  If anything, I strive for the opposite: dark and moody and violent and aggressive.  Here's the old look:

Something wasn't jiving.

So now I'm experimenting with a new look, one that I hope screams THRILLER WRITER.

Or maybe it just screams.

UPDATE!  The new look got mixed reviews (thanks to all who kindly gave me their feedback).  One reader mentioned the gray-on-black was difficult to read.  I changed the font to an almost-white, and then another reader complained the contrast was too stark.  After spending a couple of hours playing around with ways to make the colors more readable against the black background, my eyes started to hurt!   Never a good sign.  And then I started to think that the new look was sort of "Halloween in Las Vegas".  So now it's back to the crispness and simplicity of white, which incidentally, really makes blood spatter pop.  :)  Now I think this place looks a little more Dexter and a lot less Haunted House.

Here's a screen shot of the look I just changed:

(Yeah... no.  This didn't feel like me. Or my work.)