I finally have my own domain name!

You might not have noticed, but you were redirected to my new web domain:


Dare I say it, but this place is kinda/sorta/not too shabbily morphing into a real website.

Please update your bookmarks.  (I'm not sure how long Blogger will redirect you.)

ETA:  In switching to a custom domain, I've lost ALL my comments from the past 13 months of blogging. I was a smart cookie and I backed up my blog before making any changes, but they're still not appearing even though I imported all my posts, including all 348 comments, to this new domain.  If I switch back to my old blog link, http://chasingpublication.blogspot.com, the comments are there, but for whatever reason they don't seem to want to migrate over.  Google says they might reappear over the next few days as everything "syncs".  I hope so.  I appreciate the effort people make to post comments, and it's a shame that they're not showing up.

ETA:  Never mind!  The comments came back!