Discover Criminal Justice

I always thought that if this writing thing didn't work out, I might pursue a career in criminal justice. Back in 2011 when I was researching prisons for FREAK, I got addicted to MSNBC's Lockup, and even went on a tour of the Washington Corrections Center for Women (now that was an interesting day – read all about my adventures here). I write books about crime because I'm always interested to know what might motivate someone to break the law. I even had a pen pal at Folsom State Prison in California who gave me the inside scoop on life behind bars.

That being said, I came across a great website called Discover Criminal Justice and thought it was worth a shout-out if anybody was looking for a comprehensive resource for criminal justice programs throughout the U.S. They have some interesting articles and interviews with real folks who work in that career field.

Because you never know. I might end up as one of those corrections officers on Lockup one day...

* * *