Good reviews are like chocolate...

You want to stuff yourself silly and enjoy the high!

I know I promised I wouldn't brag too much about THE BUTCHER here, but please forgive me one more time. The book just got great reviews from both Fresh Fiction and RT Book Reviews, and I'm so giddy I might just pass out!

From Fresh Fiction:
Jennifer Hillier's THE BUTCHER is a rapid-fire thriller of dark, unsettling proportions with some very surprising twists. With the turn of each new page, the suspenseful plot is tense and gripping. Even knowing the identity of the Butcher does not diminish the excitement of figuring out just how everything will be resolved. THE BUTCHER is a skillfully penned tale of murder and cover-up that will keep readers enthralled until the powerful finish. Thriller fans should not miss THE BUTCHER!

From RT Book Reviews (a scan from their current issue, where THE BUTCHER is a TOP PICK!):

Woo hoo! Let's go celebrate... chocolate for everybody!

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Kirkus reviews THE BUTCHER!

And they liked it! *cartwheels* *hand springs* *mild injuries* *don't worry I'm okay*

From the July 1st edition of Kirkus:
Thirty years ago, Seattle Police Capt. Edward Shank put down a serial killer dubbed the Butcher. Edward’s bullet ended Rufus Wedge’s sorry life. But did the killings end?

Hillier’s (Freak, 2012, etc.) third thriller fairly shudders with tension. Edward is ready to retire to an assisted living facility and give his grandson, Matt, the family home, a beloved Victorian in a posh neighborhood. An up-and-coming chef, Matt has parlayed his successful food-truck business into Adobo, the hottest restaurant in town, and the reality show networks are calling. The only trouble is that his girlfriend, Samantha, can’t understand why Matt hasn’t invited her to move in, too. After all, they’ve been together for three years. Pressuring Matt, though, isn’t getting her anywhere, and even their friend—well, really Sam’s friend—Jason is a little mystified. Certainly, Matt’s history of anger management trouble gives Jason pause. While Matt renovates the house and works late, Sam turns back to researching her latest true-crime book. This time, she has a personal investment. She’s convinced that her mother was killed by the notorious Butcher. Bored at the retirement home, Edward has become an invaluable sounding board. Like the Butcher’s other victims, Sam’s mother was raped, strangled and left in a shallow grave. Unfortunately for Sam’s theory, her mother was killed two years after Rufus Wedge’s death. Meanwhile, Matt’s contractor has unearthed a crate filled with gruesome artifacts. As Matt investigates the crate’s contents and Sam questions a mysterious informant, their romance unravels and the body count begins to rise. Hillier sends her reader into a labyrinth of creepy twists and grotesque turns. There’s no escape from the brutal truths exposed.

The secrets of the past refuse to keep quiet in this disquieting, taut thriller.
 So so so so happy!

THE BUTCHER is coming July 15th! Have you preordered? You can do it right here with a couple of clicks:


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My tweet made The Tonight Show!

This might be the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me!

Jimmy Fallon does a segment every week on The Tonight Show where he picks a hashtag on Tuesdays and invites people to tweet something funny about it. He posts the best ones on the show on Thursdays. This week it was #WorstSummerJobs... and he picked mine!

Mine was the very last one, but watch them all, they're hilarious!

My life is made.

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It's that nail-biting, gut-wrenching, nerve-wracking time of year

... otherwise known as, The Weeks Leading Up to Release Day.

My wonderful, loving, well-meaning friends and family like to ask me, "So, are you excited for The Butcher to come out? Huh? Are you? Huh?"

Excited? Would I use the word excited? I don't know that I would, exactly.

Don't get me wrong, I do feel excitement. It's definitely there, threaded in with the EXTREME NERVOUSNESS OF PUTTING A NEW BOOK OUT INTO THE WORLD THAT PEOPLE WILL ACTUALLY READ AND HAVE OPINIONS ABOUT.

Sorry, I don't mean to shout. It's just that when I think about my upcoming release day – and this is how it was for the first two books as well – my brain can only process the monumental event in ALL CAPS.

Because it's genuinely scary. I've written something that I've worked hard on, and that I feel an emotional connection to. And of course I'm completely invested in whether or not it will do well. So it's terrifying in a lot of ways to imagine it out there, being bought, being borrowed, being read, being discussed... I don't know that it's possible to ever get used to it, or to ever take it lightly.

Imagine being naked, and standing in glass booth, and having people you don't know walk by and stare at you and make comments about your naked body. Imagine how exposed and self-conscious you would feel (unless you're a Playboy Playmate, but hey, they get airbrushing). That's kind of what it feels like.

I could even take that one step further, since I'm working on a new book right now. Imagine being at the gym naked, working out (okay, this is sounding like a bad recurring dream), and having people stare at you and make comments about your body while you're trying to do a plank.

I know it's part of the job. I signed up for this, every bit of it. You can't cherry pick the parts you like about writing and then pretend the rest of it doesn't exist. It's a package deal. The scary is mixed in with the awesome. I follow (stalk) a lot of popular, bestselling authors on Facebook and Twitter, and am relieved to see that they still get nervous too, even after multiple books and a long, successful career.

So whenever I feel faint, which is often these days, I try to remember I'm in good company.

* * *