The Serial Killer Files is dead

Allow me to understate the obvious: I haven't been posting much here anymore. Last year, I decided to combine my blog with my website to make things a bit easier for me to update. It doesn't make much sense to maintain two different sites, especially when I'm not even that great at maintaining one.

So for new blog posts, book news, personal news, events information, and everything else you might want to know, you can find me at from now on. I even blogged there yesterday (I know right? And nobody forced me . . . crazy!). At the very least, you'll know I'm not dead. 

I will leave the Serial Killer Files here, exactly where it's always been, even though all my old posts have been exported to the new site.

And of course, for real-time stalking, you can always find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I may have forgotten to mention that I'm regular columnist at The Thrill Begins, so you can find me there, too (and there's lots of good stuff there, actually, especially for new thriller writers).

Blogger, you amazing free site, you've been fucking good to me. Thank you for seven years of community and friendship.

* * *