THE BUTCHER, my new standalone thriller, is available now in hardcover and e-book from
Gallery Books, and in audio from Brilliance Audio.

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"A tense, suspenseful, thoroughly creepy thriller."
~ Booklist

"Hillier sends her reader into a labyrinth of creepy twists and grotesque turns. The secrets of the past refuse to keep quiet in this disquieting, taut thriller."
~ Kirkus

"Hillier writes beautifully horrific stories . . . Readers will be immersed until the final page, thanks to the velocity at which this unique thriller is told."
~ RT Book Reviews

"A thrill ride that will have your attention from start to finish!"
~ Suspense Magazine

"THE BUTCHER is a skillfully penned tale of murder and cover-up that will keep readers enthralled until the powerful finish."
~ Fresh Fiction

"Replete with plot twists and surprises, The Butcher is an engrossing tale that piques the reader’s interest immediately and then holds on to it like an angry pitbull."
~ NY Journal of Books

"The greatest thing about THE BUTCHER is its uncanny ability to trump the narrative conventions of the conventional serial killer novel over and over again . . . Jennifer Hillier's prose remains fast paced and immensely readable as her content becomes quirkier and more cerebral with every novel
. . . a  clever, twisted thriller about genetics, fate and death."
~ Dead End Follies

"Jennifer Hillier’s first stand-alone thriller delivers an anti-hero unlike any other . . . The Butcher is prime movie adaptation material."
~ Ric's Reviews

"Intriguing and refreshing . . . If you're looking for a unique thriller, then go no further than The Butcher by Jennifer Hillier."
~ Cherie Reich, Speculative Fiction Author

"This was by far one of the best thrillers I've ever read. It was so bone-chilling I could actually feel the killer slicing into his victims..."
"Dramatic, dark, and disturbing, Hillier's third release isn't to be missed."
"If it's Ms. Hillier's literary mission to assure that psychopaths abound in our everyday, count me as convinced... This third novel clearly evidences the continued honing of her writer's edge."

"I read this in one sitting - it was impossible to put down."

"This is full of tight twists, plenty of suspense, and will keep you reading until you finish it." 
~ G Sarah the Librarian

. . . an entertaining, fast-paced read with a lot to make me love it and feel good about recommending it . . . creative and original.
~ Readful Things

"This is another thriller that pulls no punches – it's gruesome, grisly and attention grabbing."
Novel Review Café

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Edward Shank is retired, widowed, and living a boring life in the old folks' home. The former Chief of Police is a Seattle legend, having gunned down the infamous Beacon Hill Butcher back in 1985, finally putting an end to the grisly serial murders that plagued the Pacific Northwest for over a decade. Now eighty years old with a bad hip, Edward spends his days playing bingo and watching TV, his glory days long behind him.

Matt, Edward's grandson, chose to carve out his own path to success by becoming Seattle's top chef. The owner of a popular restaurant and a half dozen food trucks, Matt is about to become the star of his own TV show. Everything is going his way, until he discovers a locked crate buried in the backyard of his grandfather's old house that contains a family secret so gruesome, his entire life – and everything he's worked for – will be destroyed if it ever gets out. Matt decides it's best to keep the secret... but his girlfriend Sam might make that impossible.

Sam Marquez has always believed that her mother was murdered by the Beacon Hill Butcher back in 1987, and she's spent most of her adult life trying to prove it. The only problem? The Butcher was shot and killed two years before her mother's death.

Or was he?

THE BUTCHER, a standalone thriller, is available now in hardcover and e-book from Gallery Books, and in audio from Brilliance Audio.

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